Our Heritage Cats


This is my very special page.

It is dedicated to the memories of cats that have made valuable contributions to my cattery and my life. You will find many of these cats listed in my pedigrees, although as time marches on, they start to fall back and off the pedigrees.

All of these cats are gone now. The sad reality is that cats have shorter life spans than we do. I have been honoured to have many of my cats live to over 15 years with a couple seeing over 17 years.

Please celebrate their lives with me. All are very special.

All will be remembered forever...



Champion Angelspur Time After Time
Blue Patched Tabby
March 1990 - 2000
Great Lakes Region Best of Colour Class 1990-1991
Mother of Champion Angelspur Once Upon a Time

Champion,Grand Premier,Regional Winner Angelspur Just In Case
Black Female
May 1990 - 2002
Great Lakes Region 12th Best Premier 1992-1993

Grand Champion, Double Grand Champion and Canadian National Winner
Angelspur Marshmallow Fluff
Copper-Eyed White Female
February 1986 - 2003
6th Best Kitten Ontario Region 1986-1987
7th Best Kitten All Canadian 1986-1987
13th Best Cat All Canadian 1986-1987

Fluff was my first show cat and first Grand Champion. What wonderful and exciting memories we had. 17 years was just not enough somehow.

April 1988 - August 1995
Champion and Premier Canadian National Winner
Ticat Splish Splash of Angelspur
Blue Male
6th Best Kitten All Canadian 1988-1989
3rd Best Kitten Ontario Region 1988-1989

December 1988 - February 1997
Angelspur Fire Cracker
Red Tabby Female
Just a breeder-quality cat, but combined with Splish Splash produced my foundation Tabbies and many show
quality and Grand Champion cats.

Angelspur Argenta
Shaded Tortoiseshell
July 1985 - 2000

Argenta was my foundation female & best buddy. Retired for several years, she greeted all visitors at the door and oversaw all that went on in this household. Always by my side. I never thought life could go on without you. I miss you.

Grand Champion Angelspur Laughter
1992 - 2002



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