Our Boys

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GC, RW Angelspur Winston

Great Lakes Region 5th Best Cat, Best Tabby & Best
Brown Tabby, Nationally 2nd Best of Breed 2007-2008
Great Lakes Region 3rd Best Tabby & 2nd Best Brown Tabby 2006-2007

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GC, RW Angelspur Call Me Crazy

Great Lakes Region 20th Best Cat, 3rd Best Solid Persian, Best Red Persian, & Nationally 2nd Best Red Persian 2010-2011.
CCA's CAT OF THE YEAR 2011-2012!!!
CCA SMG (Supreme Master Grand)

GC Angelspur How About Me
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GC Angelspur Eiffel

Great Lakes Region Best Copper-Eyed White Persian 2013-2014.

CH Angelspur Eternal Flame

Now retired & living the pet life here.
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GC Angelspur Everybody's Doing It





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