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Persians are truly the Beauty Queens of the Cat World.

Those flat faces, round stocky bodies, and long flowing coats make them glamorous.

Gentle, calm, and loving personalities make them wonderful companions.

However, they are high maintenance cats. Their faces require daily cleaning and regular

bathing is needed to maintain the coat.

If you are considering a Persian also, consider the time and the care that they require.

If you have questions about their care, please ask and we shall be happy to provide any information.

Kittens are family raised and socialized. Pet quality kittens are sold with written health and genetic guarantees.

Show and Breeding quality cats are available to select homes only & are placed with contracts.

Adults retired from breeding are sometimes available.

The kittens above are past babies for your viewing pleasure!
Please scroll down to see what Kittens/Adults are available!


**Updated May 13, 2018**

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Please inquire about available adults.

Photo/video coming soon! I have a beautiful White Neutered Male who is only 2 years old.
His name is Blizzard and he has a super purrsonality!!




Please inquire about upcoming kittens!



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