Grand Champion, Regional Winner Revillion Treasureeyes
of Angelspur

Thank-you Jennifer Martin for this wonderful boy!

For the 2006-2007 show season:

Great Lakes Region's 8th Best Cat

GLR's BEST Solid Persian & BEST O.E. White
CFA's National BEST O.E. White
Treasure is also the BEST Persian in the region!


2005-2006 show season:


GLR's BEST O.E. White Persian

CFA's National BEST O.E. White Persian

Sadly, Treasure did not reproduce & is now retired, but loved & happy here.



Pedigree For

GC, RW Revillion Treasureeyes of Angelspur
O.E. White

GC, RW Parti Wai Sweet Dreams of Revillion
Black & White Van

GC Magratheas Spiritwalker of Parti Wai, DM
Red Tabby & White

CH Purdy Katz Huckleberry Finn
Red Tabby & White

Granddelight's Amber of Vanillas
Cream & White Van

GC Parti Wai Grace, DM
Black & White Van

CH Frenchcats Nimbus of Parti Wai, DM
Blue & White Van

GC, GP Parti Wai Easter Bonnet, DM

GC, RW Revillion Double Trouble, DM
O.E. White

GC Artemis Man In The Moon of Revillion
B.E. White

GC Budmar's Moonbeam of Artemis
C.E. White

Artemis Blue Bonnet
Blue & White Van

GC Couronne Loony Tunes, DM

CH Couronne Forget Me Not
Red & White

Wattkatz White Out of Couronne, DM
Black & White Van