Grand Champion, Regional Winner Ocean Purrls FreezeTag of Angelspur

2010-2011 Great Lakes Region:
19th Best Cat
2nd Best Solid Persian
Best Copper-Eyed White Persian

*FreezeTag is now living back at Ocean Purrls with Karen*



Pedigree For

GC, RW Ocean Purrls FreezeTag of Angelspur
B. E. White

GC Farallon King-Of-Kensington
Cream & White

CH Joleigh Maverick of Dassy
Blue McTabby & White

GC Red Sky Lucky Star
Blue & White

GC Crishanna Pearl Jammies
Blue McTabby & White Van

CH Farallon Argentina

CH Kyaleen J-Bond of Clos Bagneux
Cream & White

Farallon Spice Folly
Brown Patched McTabby

Steeplechase Swinging On A Star
C.E. White

Steeplechase One In A Million

GC Steeplechase Cadbury

Steeplechase Whiteout
C.E. White

EZluvin Southern Magnolia
C.E. White

CH EZluvin Krispy Kreme

Flavelle Babydoll of Lees Perznzs
C.E. White