Grand Champion Purrty Katz Dancin' In The Moonlite


Pedigree For

GC Purrty Katz Dancin' In The Moonlite
C.E. White

GC, RW Purrty Katz Shaggin' On The Blvd.

CH Purrty Katz Waitin' On Sundown
Red Tabby

CH Kinapak After Midnight

CH Karabel's Kapers of Purrty Katz
Red & White

Purrty Katz Louisiette

CH Purrty Katz Neon Moon
C.E. White

Purrty Katz Jambalaya
Brown Tabby

Purrty Katz Walkin' In The Moonlight
C.E. White

Shedan's McTab-Loid of Purrty Katz
Brown Tabby & White

GC Mcpuddy Himself of Buk-I-Paws
Brown McTabby

GC Kinapak Daily News of Purrty Katz
Brown Patch Tabby & White

Shedan Hidden Desire of Purrty Katz
C.E. White

Fountainhead's Dimanding Whitecloud
C.E. White

CH Shedan Puzzle
Dilute Calico